Saturday, February 4, 2012

29 FACES, DAY 4: Jeniffer (WIP)

Another work in progress...this time it's Jeniffer Lopez, as suggested by Steffenie Sherrill Sewiw.

  29 Faces: Jeniffer (WIP) | ipad painting | Application: ArtRage | Stylus: Nomad Brush

Jeniffer has come about faster than yesterday's painting of Batman - which, to be honest with you, I was also working on this morning, and did not finish.  Jeniffer will need more work in the coming weeks as well, I'll also upload this painting when it's finished.


  1. you're so good with the ipad now! Nice work.

  2. What a great approach to the challenge! I'm just today getting a chance to visit blogs, and I am blown away by what you can do on the ipad. Thanks for sharing,

  3. Oh, wow! That sure is neat. I've never tried drawing on our tablet yet. You are doing a great job on it!

  4. Just wonderful Tracey... love seeing what you create on your iPad... and loving Batman too... thank you too for your message... some great tips in there that I am taking on board... love this learning process...

    Jenny x

  5. Jennifer and Batman are great so far!

    I bought the app and have tried with my finger but I think I need to order one of those brushes.

  6. Great! I'm still planning on getting that app but maybe i'll wait till after feb when i'm done with my aceo's.