Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MPC SPOTLIGHT: Something Beginning with O

With the next Monthly Painters Challenge reveal dawning {tomorrow!} I just realised I have not done a spotlight of all the entries from last month, so without further ado...

Alice Jones 'Planning for Olivia Wilde'  {Read More}

Tracey Fletcher King 'Oolong and Orchids'   {Read More

Alli Ellacott 'something beginning with "o" 
.... ease, at leisure,
 superfluous, futile...'  

Tracey Potter 'Olivia and Her Octopus'   {Read More}

Sarah Wiske 'Rock Orange'{Watch Video

Cathryn Backer 'Ostara Ogling Olive'   {Read More}

Jennefer Hemery 'Ominous Odious Outcome'

Also a big welcome to our newest member Jennefer Hemery. Thanks for joining us!

I can't wait to what all the artists create!  They will be uploading their works onto the MPC Facebook Page throughout the day tomorrow, head on over and watch them come in live.   I'm off to put the finishing touches on my work for this month, EEKKK! Wish me luck.

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  1. They're all so beautiful! I do love your red octopus, though. Good luck!