Monday, November 14, 2011

Sew, Sew Fun.

Last week was a busy one, I had lots of things on my artistic plate and as a result I didn't get around to doing a piece for this weeks Inspirational Avenue topic 'the story of craftswoman and seamstress'. I wanted to, but realistically could not fit it all in. Below is one of the pieces my good friend Tracey Fletcher King did for the challenge. Tracey is wonder-women in my eyes, she has managed to do an IA sewing piece, Monthly Painters Challenge painting (which we be revealed tomorrow!) and also participate in Art Every Day Month.  Not to mention deal with a vomiting dog and berries dropped on a white rug.

Artwork by Tracey Fletcher King

Wonder over to:

and look at all the entries,
they are sew, sew fun.


  1. Thanks Tracey... that mat just won't ever be the same... but it is all such fun at the moment...can't wait to see tomorrow's reveal and see what you have done!!! So excited xx

  2. I'm excited for tomorrow's reveal. I'm still finishing the painting :) I always leave it to the last minute!