Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A very special surprise.

I was going to add this to the post that I just did about my new work at The Collective Store, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise.  Let me explain, yesterday when I rushed down to The Collective Store at 3.45pm (they close at 4pm) to deliver the new works and pick up any work that had not sold I was greeted with the wonderful news that another one of my works had just sold.  Lucky I was running a little behind schedule with the framing, as I intended to do the swap over earlier in the day and if I did, then that person would have missed out on purchasing it.

I inquired as to who purchase it, and when I found out, I just went 'awww {that's sweet}' and this is where the very special surprise bit comes in, the painting was purchased by a loving husband and special daughter as a surprise birthday present for their beautiful wife/mother, who just adored this little painting of mine. I know this because that beautiful lady is a good friend of mine, Tracey Fletcher King, whenever we meet up for a cuppa she mentions her love for the Pomegranate painting at The Collective Store. I can tell you now that I won't ruin the surprise, I just received a text message from Tracey telling me the wonderful news. She has the painting hanging on her studio wall {already :)}, where she can see it.


  1. A very special surprise from a special husband and daughter.... created by a very special friend... Thanks for being a big part of my birthday Tracey. it looks so good in my studio and now I get to paint with you every day!!! xx

  2. You are special Tracey. Glad you had a wonderful day of celebrations. 'Pomegranate Queen' is very dear to me and it's fantastic to know it's just a walk away if I want to see it. It makes me happy that you have it. xx