Friday, September 16, 2011

SAFE - Monthly Painters Challenge.

Yesterday was the unveiling of the August topic for the Monthly Painters Challenge (MPC). This months topic was quite challenging, I know that's what the group is for, but I really struggled to come up with something this time around and it wasn't until last Friday that I pick up a brush and started painting. It seems for me, the hardest part of this challenge group is coming up with the idea, the rest is pretty straight forward, once the idea comes. The topic we were all painting to was SAFE, up until yesterday morning for some reason I thought the topic was freedom, and was painting for that, I do think 'safe' works better for this piece anyway, what a fluke!

 'In the Backyard'

Ever since mum showed me this wonderful photo taken of my beautiful Nephew I just knew I wanted to paint it, I took a photo of the original on the iphone then and there to keep as a painting reference.  Isn't the lighting just brilliant? I can't take all the credit for this picture, because the photo was taken by my sister, and I just used it as inspiration/reference. There's one of his brother too in the same pose with a panda that is just as cute. I had big intentions of getting both of them done for this month then I realised I would be pushing it to get one done, which I was. I'm still not certain it's finished, there are a few bits of detailing i'd like to put in.   Along the way I took photos of this painting in progress as I was keen to share it with you,  I'm working on a step by step, it's taking more time than I thought, so I'll share it with you a bit later, in the mean time here's a little taste of what's to come.



I love watching all the artists work come in on reveal day! I get so inspired by seeing how others interpret the subject and it make me so happy to see the development and progress everyone makes with their work from month to month. Below are all the wonderful interpretations of SAFE.

Tracey Fletcher King 'safe as houses'                {Read More}

Sarah Wiske 'safe in her skin'                              

Alice Jones 'Memory Box'                             {Read More}

Cathryn Backer 'Safe' Sue's Bridge, made safe by steel extensions.  

Jaz Higgins  'Safe in the Rain'  {Read More}


  1. Great post Tracey and I liked seeing a bit more of your process... it is always interesting and informative. Your work this month is just so wonderful and I appreciate all the work you put into making the MPC what it is! xx

  2. Lovely painting's and awesome picture.