Saturday, May 14, 2011

Link Love

I have spent the past week doing research (alongside actual painting).  I have been doing this through viewing You Tube videos (mostly tutorials) on value, colour, limited brushstrokes, portrait painting and painting fruit. I have also been blog hopping (mostly from the daily painters site) and reading borrowed library books. I believe it is important to learn and explore different techniques to improve on my already developed skills.

Below are the most helpful, inspiring and memorial of the videos I watched.

How to Paint Portraits in Oil Trailer 
by Sheldonsartacademy

Value and Colour
by rayandpeggiroberts

Painting Preview - Limited Strokes
by rayandpeggiroberts

Premixing a Portrait Palette 
by cprocious

Alla Prima Oil Painting - Purple Troll
by cprocious

Alla Prima Brushstroke -Larry Seiler 
by outdoorpainter

Still Life1 - Fruit
by rvalentinorobinson

Seeing Colour and Value
by rvalentinorobinson

Scott Burdick -Colour Promo Video
by ScottBurdickArt

Keep an eye out for my next admiration file, I'll post it over the next few days, I have a feeling it's going to be about the above artist Scott Burdick. I have been captivated by his paintly brushstrokes and wonderful use of colour.

Happy watching!

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