Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Size Matters an Exhibition at the SWICH

This exhibitions opens today and I feel so honored to be a part of it.  

Photographer/artist LeAnne Vincent and philosopher/author Gilbert Burgh are doing great things to develop and foster awareness of art through the SWICH Contemporary Art Space based in Ipswich.  Their  conception of a ‘contemporary art space’ is not bound by the notion of location and therefore is not restricted only to art dedicated spaces such as museums and galleries. It is about transforming spaces using contemporary art as a key element in changing the perceptions of people and communities—to transform our everyday experiences of space and place.

The current show on display at the SWICH features small artworks by contemporary artists from Ipswich, Brisbane and Melbourne and showcases a wide variety of mediums including paintings, etchings, illustration, photography and installations.

The artist involved in size matters are Tracey Potter, Sally Picker, Belinda Suzette, Charmaine Davis, Donna Davis, Krysal Ingle, LeAnne Vincent, Sandra Kane, Chenaya Bancroft-Davis

                               Date:                     2nd November - 27th November 2010

                               Time:                    Tuesday - Friday 9am to 4pm
                                                             Saturday 9am to 2pm

                               Location:              Top of Town Heritage Precinct,
                                                            191 Brisbane Street
                                                            Ipswich, Australia, 4305

                              Website:              http://www.theswichcas.com.au/

                              Invite:                  http://alturl.com/tbjwy


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