Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome to "Tracey Potter's Art Blog"


Let me introduce myself, my name is Tracey Potter and I am a 27 year old female artist living and working in a home studio in Brisbane, Australia.

I started this blog with the hope to engage in discussions about what is like to be a practicing artist working from a home studio.  I would like to share with you my experiences of running an art business, what products and equipment I use, my interests and influences, my ideas and my art.

This blog is also a space where you can have your say, ask questions and drive the direction and topics discussed.  So please feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Hi my name is Paula, I'm a fan of your page on FB, for some reason I can't use my FB account to comment, So I'm using my google, which is why I'm morgarna6 lol. My question is:

    Have you done formal training...if yes where?

  2. Me again, just looked at the "Artist CV" which answered the above question, so I have a new question.

    Have you ever done a small social group art class, or taught a class yourself?

  3. Hi Paula,

    I have not done any classes (only at uni) or taught a class myself, however they are two things that I am very interested in doing, but have never quite found the time to.

    Are you an artist too?

  4. Hi Tracey,
    I attended a cert 3 in fine arts a long while ago, David Clayton was one of my teachers, but since then with having a family and working, there's not much time left to do art. If asked this question 5 years ago I would have said yes with gutso, now I hum and har. I would like to find the time to paint and draw again, and was thinking of attending a social art class, just to kick start getting back into it, and it might help to refine my rusting probably gone art skills lol.
    If you ever do find the time for art classes I would love to attend, that is if your not too far away. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question, hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Paula,

    It's often the case with the life of an artist that work and family take priority over pursuing a creative career.

    I find the internet is a great tool for learning art techniques and skills. I use Google search or You Tube if there is anything I need to know.

    Sometimes just picking up a pencil or brush is the best way to start.

    All the best with getting back into the painting.