Saturday, August 3, 2013

STUDIO UPDATE: I'm seeing more than just Pink & Purple

 I had my  Paint Party Friday blog post all organised ahead of time on my phone this week, and was very proud of myself for being on top of things, however when it came to publish time, the darn thing would not cooperate. After quite a few attempts and a little frustration, I logged into publish my post from blogger, only to find it was not in my drafts. So here I am, posting late (again).

This week was a productive one, and I have lots of photos to share, please bare with me.

I moved onto painting the Petunias on the big garden painting!

As you can see above, my original practice flowers were way to big for the big canvas.

Hello Mr Lizard!  I have started to paint the flowers in.

I needed to extend my palette after re-watching Carol Marines ArtByte Tutorial on mixing colours.

Also some of my paintings have been up at The Collective Store for the last couple of weeks.

I finally got to editing and sharing them!


Last but not least, Here is my {Flashback Friday} painting. I've been sharing an older painting each week with my Facebook and Instagram friends, and now I'll be sharing it with my blog friends too.

Have a fun and productive week everyone!

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  1. How exciting! Lovely to might have been late - but I am LAST at PPF! LOL - I am having a go at the Raby Bay 'Art on the Boardwalk' tomorrow - come for a walk and say hi! Happy PPF. xo L.

  2. I am late too, but You and I, we both have so long post, it took time :-D

    You have an interesting post. Your painting about flowers and garden is very beautiful. Wonderful colors and I like how You have managed to get deepnes to You painting. And the light. Great!

  3. Me too - I am always late but thought it wasn't this time....
    Love your vibrant flowers and painterly style.

  4. Nice painting and I love the photos. I had that light blue suitcase in the first shot when I was a kid.

  5. look at those vibrant flowers! they are wonderful

  6. Those colors I love, my facebook badge is not an image is that color, I like also the orchids you see in the photographs, are my weakness. Saludos

  7. I love, love, love the petunias and the larger piece, too. Just gorgeous!

  8. I love the larger and up close petunias and all the yummy color...all your work is gorgeous...but wow that pink speaks to me!!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Love these rich colours and of course the flowers, beautiful!

  10. Oh, the colours of these flowers .... LOVE ♥

  11. Love the flowers and the background. Blessings, Janet PPF