Friday, August 30, 2013

STUDIO UPDATE: Fantastic week! Garden Painting Finished!

A great start to the week and a fantastic end!  Beautiful nasturtiums have been on my desk all week, cheering up the space. I brought them in from the garden (complete with caterpillar holes) and they been putting a smile on my face.

I gave myself a deadline of Wednesday evening on the large garden painting 
(otherwise I just would not get it done). 
I'm happy to say, I signed off on it mid week!

Above is a photo of it in the back garden. I Just loved the sun shinning in the photo.

I also had a play around with the frame on this 'Wynnum Boats' painting, adding off white chalk paint to the outer frame.  The verdict is still out on whether or not to shabby chic it up a bit with some sanding. I'm going to sit on it some more before making a final decision.

The beautiful Rosie and her bird, for Flashback Friday.
This is a painting I did a little while ago. She is a treasure.

 Happy Paint Party Friday and wishing you all a productive and creative week.  x

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  1. Sometimes a deadline is needed isn't it? I love that painting of Rosie & her bird! My two cents on the frame is: shabby it! Although I don't want to be to blame if it ruins it! lol.

  2. Yes, I think sometimes I can be a bit precious an overdo a painting. Deadlines are great to make me stop fussing. Lol, I won't blame you if I ruin it by sanding it. It can always be repainted anyway :)

  3. Wow your work is just beautiful Tracey. Love those flowers. Excellent! Thanks.

  4. Your garden painting is fabulous and I love the way the sun beams are shining off it in the photograph. Both the Wynnum boats and Rosie and her bird are absolutely stunning paintings - I love the wonderful ideal of summer the boats painting evokes and Rosie is adorable.

  5. You have incredible talent! These pieces of work are absolutely stellar!!!! I am so glad to have come here Tracey. HPPF and a wonderful weekend to you.

  6. gorgeous paintings-and that flower garden so rich and colorful!!

  7. They all are beautiful. I especially love the painting of Rosie and her parakeet!

  8. I really love your garden painting along with the other two! So much talent! Happy PPF!
    Heather Santos
    Sparrow's Journey Blog

  9. So pretty! I love the water scene. Looks like a lovely spot to hang out.

  10. That is a garden I want to lie down in and watch the clouds go by. Just gorgeous - love that little girl - she is a treasure.

  11. Congrats on finishing your garden painting! It looks amazing. Love your other paintings too. I would go shabby chic with the frame ...

  12. Your garden painting turned out gorgeous...and yes I love the sun shining down on the whole beautiful!! Love all these paintings...and the Rosie is stunning...adorable little face just full of joy! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles