Thursday, December 15, 2011

Palette & Paint #5

What a fun, crazy and productive week! I can hardly believe it's time again for the Palette & Paint SHOWCASE! Is it just me, or is time speeding up? Okay, take a deep breath and a few minutes to relax Tracey...okay, it's all good, It's just a matter of perspective. Get back on track...okay?  I wanted to thank the lovely Flo from L'art En Ciel for joining in the fun again this week, with her wonderful Portrait en technicolor image. Flo shared with us her palette and a step by step of how this piece developed, I personally enjoy seeing her beautiful images and her lovely paint, Have you visited her blog yet? It's well worth a look around!

P&P #4 Flo
Flo - l'art En Ciel

I played along too, like a good host should, this is what my Palette & Paint looked like:
P&P #4 Tracey


Now it's your turn...

Will you play along too? Show us what you use to create your artwork and the images you are working on. It doesn't have to be your paint palette, you can show us the pens/pencils/brushes you use or your favourite paint/medium/colour.  Snap a pic of your palette or studio equipment and link up below.


  1. You did a good job, thank you! You know, for me too, the week has gone very very quickly. When you have a passionate temperament, you want to do many things and learn constantly ...
    To see my article :

    Tracey, I tried to embellish a little my blog and I need advices on readability and design of my blog in general and I would welcome you to tell me what you think. Thank you again (I accept all criticism!!!)

  2. Welcome Ayala, so glad you could join the fun!

  3. Tracey, this is for palette and paint next week. What do you think?
    Good weekend!

  4. Ooooh! Awesome work Flo and Tracey! I will definitely be putting mine in next week. By the eay I found you from Artists in Blogland